For easy sharpening at home

Three of the four leather sides are coated with different diamond pastes. The fourth side without diamond is used to polish the edge. Using the strop is easy and hardly takes two minutes.


1.The leather is marked. Start with the „rough“ side. (20 μ diamond) and position the blade in a 15-20 degree angle at the lower end of the strop.

2. Pull the blade upwards on the leather. The fine diamond paste removes microscopic edges.

3. After the pull, lift the knife up, turn it around and pull down the other side of the blade. Three draws per side are sufficient. Repeat this procedure on the sides labelled “fine” and “very fine” and “finish”.

You will notice a dark steel residue on the leather after a few uses – this does not impair the function of the strop, since the diamond coating stays permanently on the leather. With this method you can sharpen your blades gently and lastingly.