Passion for craftsmanship

201 layers of damascus steel, 160mm, 64-65 HRC, 1 masterpiece: More than fourty steps are neccessary to make a Nesmuk EXKLUSIVE C150 slicer - a knife, only possible from the hands of a master smith. The hollow grind on both sides of the blade reduces adherence of the food and makes it ideal for filleting. Carbon content: 1,5%. The exclusive coating technology Nesmuk Protective Coating (NPC) reduces the usually needed maintenance and preserves the precious blade for decades.

Masterpieces of smithing

The thin cutting layer, also visible on the back of the blade, must be placed and forged exactly in the middle - every blow to the glowing steel decides, if a masterpiece emerges. Only the best smiths master this art.

Every blade is unique

The unique pattern of the damascus steel makes every blade unique and unmistakable. Every knife is assembled, sharpened and polished by hand before receiving its certificate of authenticity.