Steak knife for traveling

The Nesmuk folder is the perfect accessory for gourmets who like to cut with class and respect. The Nesmuk JANUS blade is crafted from a high performance steel containing niobium and finished with a high quality diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) improving the functionality of the blade, the black blade producing an unmistakable aesthetic.

Worry stone

Assembly of the exclusive folders needs absolute precision and is only at Nesmuk by our experienced goldsmiths, who have the necessary sensitivity for handling the precious materials. Every folder is polished by hand to produce the best ergonomics possible.

Safe handling

Constructed as a classic slipjoint, the 85mm long blade is only held and positioned by the spring. This spring holds the blade in place with a force of 6 newton. For your safety, the blade can be stopped every 90 degrees.