Purism in its most elegant form

The Nesmuk steak and table knife is a symbiosis of form and function, from the selection of the steel and grip materials to the perfection of fit and finish. Each knife is polished by hand and fits smoothly in your hand without gaps or edges.

Extreme sharpness with an enormous service life

The straightforward geometry makes clean cuts without sawing or ripping easy – thanks to a new kind of steel: The unique alloy is blended with a trace amount (0,1%) of nitrogen, making the steel strong and durable. The classic Nesmuk sharpness is completed by an enormous lifetime not possible with common stainless steel.

Unique coating technology

The JANUS steak knife is coated with our black DLC-coating, optimizing the functional properties of the blade. The amorphous carbon layer is extremely hard, scratch resistant, reduces friction and protects the blade – and also makes the unique aesthetic of the black blade possible.