The Nesmuk SOUL chef’s knife was the first knife crafted from completely different steel than usual in the knife industry. It symbolizes the idea behind Nesmuk and marks the dawn of a new standard for the most important kitchen utensil of them all. Nesmuk SOUL, due to the element niobium contained in the unique steel mix, allows for extreme sharpness and outstanding cutting performance not attainable with conventional stainless steel. The chef’s knife with the 180mm long and 3mm thick, one-sided hollow grind blade is the classic all-rounder and as the „basic knife“ indispensable in every kitchen.

The thinnest stainless blade

Only possible with Nesmuk steel: The only 4mm thin blade is hollow ground on one side and makes the thinnest geometry of any stainless blade possible.

One sided hollow grinded

The one-sided hollow grinded blade offers a unique cutting experience. It also makes the blade about one ounce lighter - for the possibly lightest chefs knife in the world.