The symbiosis of form and function

The Nesmuk steak and table knife is a symbiosis of form and function, from the selection of the steel and grip materials to the perfection of fit and finish. Each knife is polished by hand and fits smoothly in your hand without gaps or edges.

A single cut is enough

The straightforward geometry makes clean cuts without sawing or ripping easy – just set the tip of the knife on the plate, and often a single pull is enough to cleanly cut through any food. Prerequisite to this functionality is an extremely sharp blade. Nesmuk relies on a new kind of steel for this.

Optimized steel structure

The unique alloy is blended with a trace amount (0,1%) of nitrogen, making the steel strong and durable. This optimized steel structure allows for the classic Nesmuk sharpness as well as an unusually high hardness – giving the Nesmuk steak- and table knife a durability unmatched by any other.