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Exellence knives -
100% made in Germany

Nesmuk develops and manufactures high-quality chef´s knives of extreme sharpness, using he best types of steel, materilas and technologies hat have never been used efore in he cuterly industry.


Our EXKLUSIV collection stands as a testament to the best we have to offer. A knife from this collection isn't just a tool, but a symbol of excellence, design, and unmatched craftsmanship. Damask steel is renowned not just for its captivating patterns, but for its unparalleled cutting capabilities. Our knives offer extreme sharpness and maintain that edge for an astonishing duration. We've chosen carbon-rich steels for their unmatched sharpness and longevity.
So, how do we shield such a treasured piece from the ravages of time? In close collaboration with the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute, we've pioneered a groundbreaking solution: A silicium glass layer that envelopes our damask blades, guarding them against rust and corrosion.

Nesmuk JANUS

The unmistakable hallmark of the JANUS collection is the black blade - symbol of the highest quality and functionality thanks to the finishing with the high-quality DLC technology (Diamond-Like-Carbon). As a special coating for the highest stress, it optimizes the functional properties of the blade. The carbon layer, which is only a few micrometers thick, is insensitive to acids, bases and extreme temperatures and is characterized by low friction values and enormous scratch resistance.

Nesmuk SOUL

Extremely sharp, extremely stable: these are the characteristics of the SOUL collection. The unique alloy of the blade steel with the rare element niobium is an expression of the high Nesmuk standards for the materials used. The outstanding cutting properties of the Soul collection cannot be achieved with conventional stainless steel grades. Nesmuk therefore developed a very special type of steel processing that ensures unrivaled sharpness and durability at the same time.

Those who pursure their passion with dedication quickly learn what is important: respect.

This is what connects Nesmuk
with top chef´s around the world.

The Nesmuk Folder is the perfect companion for culinary adventures.

Discover the folding Nesmuk now. Selected high-performance steel with niobium content in combination with fine woods


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