Traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies

The knife is one of the oldest tools in human history. The basic form hardly changed over time and it still is one of the most important tools and one of the few objects that are used in every human civilization. No second object of daily use has the same radiance and symbolizes reliability, strength and superiority like the knife.
Nesmuk makes and developes knife of the highest possible sharpness by using steel alloys, precious materials and technologies not used for knives before.

The basic Nesmuk shape was inspired by a 3500 year old knife, refined and re-designed by Nesmuk. Nesmuk knives are made for unsurpassable sharpness and the finest possible cut in every application.

The connection of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology is distinctive: Some of the designs, materials and coatings were developed exclusively for Nesmuk. The sophisticated craftsmanship of precious materials is not an end in itself, but a neccessary consequence of our demand for quality, functionality and perfection in every detail. This makes your Nesmuk knive a flawless tool easily distinguished from common kitchen knives.

Aside from our standard collections, our manufactory from time to time creates unique pieces that show what can be made possible by cooperation of the best damascus steel- and goldsmiths. Our unicums and limited editions can also be made on customer request.

Nesmuk knives are a confession of innovation and perfection, earned multiple international design awards and are the preferred tools of top chefs around the world.