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Leather Strop

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The steels processed exclusively by Nesmuk guarantee extreme and long-lasting sharpness. For the care and maintenance of this sharpness, we recommend the use of the specially developed Nesmuk strop.

The Nesmuk strop -
for the care and maintenance of sharpness

Experience the joy of perfectly sharpened knives with the Nesmuk strop. For anyone who appreciates the value of precise sharpness and knows that caring for a knife is as important as using it, this strop is an absolute must.

The Nesmuk strop is more than just an accessory, it is a tool for true knife lovers.

Specially designed for those who want to keep their knives sharp, it is the ideal solution for slowing down the dulling process and maintaining the extreme sharpness that only high quality steels can provide.

Forget the cumbersome application of whetstones and watering. Our strop with fine-pored leather and ultra-fine diamond particles makes sharpening your knives a quick and effortless process. With just a few pulls and within two minutes, the Nesmuk strop gives your blade a fine, sharp polish.

Thanks to the use of natural materials and food-grade diamond suspensions, the strop is safe and environmentally friendly. Its durability guarantees decades of use - as long as you don't cut into the leather. Once properly applied, you will notice the difference immediately.

Whether you are a professional chef or an avid amateur cook, the Nesmuk strop will change your kitchen routine. Experience how much pleasure a well-sharpened knife can bring to cooking.

Invest in your kitchen tools and enjoy the difference a Nesmuk strop can make. Take the first step towards more precise cutting and longer lasting sharpness!

Simple and fast

1. Make sure that your knife is clean and dry.

2. The sides of the strop are labeled. Start with the "rough" side (20 μ diamond).

3. place the blade on the index finger as shown to determine the correct angle of about 15-18 degrees.

4. Pull the blade up over the leather. The fine diamond dust on the leather removes microscopic chipping and rounding in the process.

5. After this pull, lift the knife, turn it over and pull the other side of the blade back down over the leather. Three to four such pull-offs of both sides are usually enough.

6. Repeat this process on the leather sides "fine" (5 μ), "very fine" (1 μ) and "finish" (without diamond).

7. Do not clean the strop even if it becomes dark. The dark steel abrasion on the leather shows that the diamond dust remains in the leather, thus its function is not affected.

The Nesmuk strop allows you to regularly maintain your knives, preserving their sharpness in a gentle and durable way. It is a quick, effective and durable tool that helps to increase the pleasure of cooking.