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SOUL Bread knife 270

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Blade: 10,5 inches, dwedish knife steel, 58 HRC
Ferrule: Matt brushed
Included: High quality matt black box, certificate of authenticity

Handle:Olive wood

The bread knife saws effortlessly through any type of bread

Bread is an important staple food in many countries of the world and enjoys a high status. In Europe in particular, bread is considered a cultural asset. This is also reflected in the incredible variety of bread types. This variety results in special requirements for a bread knife. - It should cut soft bread without much pressure and the formation of crumbs, and at the same time work its way effortlessly through hard crusts. Nesmuk has developed its own and innovative serrated edge for this range of tasks.

Perfect for all breads

For our bread knives we use Swedish knife steel, which was specially developed for knife blades and is characterized by outstanding cutting properties.  


SOUL Bread Knife 270: Bread Slicing Elevated –
Mastery Beyond the Crust

Presenting the SOUL Bread Knife 270 – the zenith of craftsmanship in the bread knife category. With its commanding 270mm blade, this top-tier bread knife seamlessly sails through diverse bread varieties, from the rustic crust of a baguette to the tender crumb of a brioche, delivering immaculate slices each time.

The distinction of the SOUL Bread Knife 270 lies in its innovative design: the knife's pointed ridges are thoughtfully elevated above the others. This pioneering design not only promises sustained sharpness over time but also protects your cutting board from undue wear.

Be it crafting gourmet sandwiches, serving slices of warm sourdough, or dicing a fragrant focaccia, this premium bread knife assures precision paired with enduring quality. Dive into a superior bread-slicing journey with the SOUL Bread Knife 270 – a harmonious blend of innovation and artistry.

Aesthetic and ergonomic

Ergonomic and solid handles for fatigue-free work: The design of the Nesmuk handle is as aesthetic as it is practical. For the wooden handles, Nesmuk uses only the best, often hand-picked pieces of exquisite quality. With wood as a naturally grown material, each handle is unique due to its individual grain, color shades and inclusions.


Technical Data

Blade: 180 mm, niobium steel, 60 HRC,
hollow ground on one side

Ferrule: Stainless steel matt brushed
Included: High-quality matt black box, certificate of authenticity

Care Instructions

Avoid sliding the blade scabbard sideways over the base. Do not jam the blade in the cutting surface or in hard material to be cut. Avoid hard contacts on bones or similar as well as unnecessary pressure when cutting. These types of use will cause blades to dull more quickly.
The patented blade steel with the rare element niobium makes Nesmuk knives particularly sharp and gives them greater resistance and therefore a longer service life. Due to its special composition, however, this steel is not completely corrosion resistant and tends to tarnish. This is completely harmless to health and can be partially removed by polishing. We recommend not to leave your SOUL in acidic or salty liquids and to rinse and dry it after use.
The Nesmuk Steak and Table Knife SOUL and the Nesmuk Folder SOUL are suitable for use on harder surfaces due to their special purpose as cutlery knives. Due to the adapted design, only the tip of the knife makes contact when used correctly, and the cutting edge therefore remains sharp for a very long time. Here, too, hard contacts of the cutting edge should be avoided.

Costumer Service

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Handle Materials

Ergonomic and solid handles for fatigue-free work: The design of the Nesmuk handle is as aesthetic as it is practical. For the wooden handles, Nesmuk uses only the best, often hand-picked pieces of exquisite quality and certified origin. In addition, Nesmuk offers high-tech plastics: Micarta Red.


We should always be aware of what ecologically sustainable and ethically correct agriculture and the food industry look like, and politicians and civil society must act accordingly. Together with the Respect Ambassadors in our campaign, Nesmuk would like to make a contribution in this direction by showing examples of sufficiency-based farming and the respectful treatment of plants and animals.
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